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Deploy cloud agnostic infrastructure anywhere

Easily switch your cloud provider at any time without changing your infrastructure code.

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Cloud-agnostic configuration deployed across multiple clouds. Write your configuration once and deploy to any cloud at any time.

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Why build with Multy?

Reap the benefits of multi-cloud without having to re-write your infrastructure.

No Lock-In

Deploy infrastructure in multiple clouds. Leverage cloud manage services without fearing vendor lock-in.

More Credits

Use up to $420k in cloud credits from all the major cloud providers. Be free from cloud bills for years.

More Flexibility

Easily move resources between clouds. Choose cloud based on pricing and easily meet customers requirements.

Improve Resilience

Outages can happen at any time for any cloud. Multi-cloud offers businesses better security and failover options.

How it works

Whether you are building a simple web application or a complex Kuberneter cluster, you can instantly build an infrastructure stack that can be replicated across the major cloud providers.

Setup Terraform providers

Connect your AWS, Azure and/or GCP account to allow Multy to deploy resources for you. To request a Multy API key, just sign up!

Write cloud-agnostic configuration

Use the Multy Terraform provider to provision your cloud resources easily to any cloud.

Deploy your configuration

Deploy your infrastructure via Terraform to your chosen cloud

Join our growing community

Open source is at the heart of Multy and our community is the heart of our open source project.

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Frequently asked questions

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Multy is available as a free and open-source tool, so you can download it directly from our repository and run it locally.

We also offer a managed solution that hosts the server for you. Managed Multy is currently offered as a free service. You can request an API key by signing up!
While Terraform and its providers are great for deploying any resource into any cloud, it puts all the burden on the infrastructure teams when it comes to understanding each provider and defining the resources. This flexibility can be seen as an advantage, however, when it comes to multi-cloud, this considerably slows down teams that are looking to move fast with deployments.

By abstracting the common resources across major cloud providers, users are able to deploy the same resources on AWS and Azure without re-writing any infrastructure code.
Some of the use cases where Multy can help:
  • Operate cheaper by switching or running in multiple clouds
  • Fit customer requirements to operate in a specific region/cloud
  • Leverage credits from multiple providers (i.e. AWS Accelerate / GCP Credits / Azure Startups)
  • Currently using more than one cloud
  • Want to future-proof infrastructure to be able to easily switch in the future
  • Cross-cloud disaster recovery (i.e. pilot light, active-active, etc...)
Some of the use cases where Multy might not be the best fit:
  • Highly custom infrastructure with many resources not supported by Multy
  • Infrastructure that will never be moved to a different cloud provider
Absolutely! The goal with Multy is to allow you to leverage cloud managed services and remain free to move your infrastructure. Not every resource will be supported, but we aim to support the most popular managed resources such as managed databases, object storage and vault.

Let us know what services you would like to be supported by creating an Issue on our public repository.
Long-term, Multy plans to add features to assist in running multi-cloud workloads and improve developer experience.

You can take a look at our Roadmap to see what we're working on. Any more ideas? Let us know us at!
Multy is an open-source tool that can be run locally and free. If at some point you want to move off Multy, you can export your infrastructure configuration as Terraform and use it independently.